Bed, Bistro, Baseball

After stopping at several different furniture stores I finally decided to have Karli use Andrew’s bed for now. Karli was more excited about picking out a new comforter rather than the actual bed anyways. We found this cute set at where else, but Target! It is really cute. I haven’t decided if I am going to hang her white curtain back up which would match just fine or find something else. My baby is in a big girl bed now…oh my! Next thing I know she will be going off to college.

Karli's new bedspread

Still plenty of room to play

We took the kids (minus Andrew) to P.F. Chang’s… they have them all over the country. Yum…the chicken lettuce wraps are delicious. They were so well behaved. It’s like we are ALMOST to the point where we can relax and enjoy ourselves more at restaurants.

Outside of P.F. Chang's Restaurant

Don't they look mischievous ?

You couldn’t pay me to have any more kids. I am so happy to be done with diapers, crying, strollers, etc. The worst I have to do is help Karli reach the soap in public bathrooms. Don’t get me wrong I loved my kids when they were babies and they were all good babies, but I feel like I am more relaxed as a mom now that they kids are older. We attended graduation parties both Saturday and Sunday and I was able to mingle and enjoy myself rather than tend to my kids the whole time.

We are preparing to leave for a long weekend for Andrew’s baseball team – State Championship Tournament. Depending on how they play we could be there all 4 days or home as early as 2 days. His team doesn’t have the greatest record, so I wouldn’t be surprised if we are done on day 2. It is 3 hours away and Ken has to come back on day 3 no matter what because Blake and Chase have a game and he is the head coach. I will be left without a car and will have to count on someone else to take me and Andrew to the games and such. Karli will stay with me the entire time also. For once I am actually hoping they lose!

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