#365dog – Week 26

Day 175
if i stay
Started reading If I Stay by Gayle Forman. The movie comes out in August and the previews look really good so I thought I better read the book first. So far it’s really good…looks like a real tear jerker.

Day 176
The twins!

day 177
The dogs were trying to keep cool by hiding in the shade.

Day 178
Chase had fun diving in the pool at a graduation party. The lifeguard said he should be on a swim team…that he had a good stroke. I was like…we don’t have time for that!

Day 179
Blake had the best birthday present today…he won the Championship baseball game! First time taking First Place for Ken as well.

Day 180
Andrew’s graduation party was a huge success. So glad that is over though…a lot of work!

Day 181
New artwork for my home office. Love all the colors and it matches so well.

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