Back to school shopping haul

Karli and I started our back to school shopping. This is pretty early for me, usually I am scrambling the last couple of weeks before school starts. But Justice had their 50% off sale so we went to check things out. Funny how “checking things out” turns into a small splurge. Of course I got those darn cards to get 50% off again next month. I despise those things. Luckily I am not one that feels like I HAVE to use them.

As we were shopping Karli thought of making this video and then she kept saying, this would be cute for the video, this is a must for the video, etc. Like just because I was going to help her make a video that would get her more clothes. Don’t worry Karli, I’m already a sucker for those darn adorable Justice outfits!

She was a little nervous, but overall I thought she did a great job. Be sure to stick around and watch the BLOOPERS at the end!!

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