Open House

Today was Open House for Chase and Karli. They were able to meet their teachers, drop of their supplies, and mingle with their friends after a long summer. (Notice I said long, haha.)

Karli was lucky enough to get the same teacher that Chase had last year. I love when this happens! Now 3 of my kids have had this same teacher…she is one of my many favorites at their school.
I love this photo of Karli organizing her desk all ready for the first day of school next week. Check out her hand sanitizer and the pink fuzzy topped pen. She is so me it is sometimes scary!
Karli organizing her desk.

Karli and her 3rd grade teacher

Chase and his teacher…note the football pants because God forbid he miss a day of football.
Chase and his 4th grade teacher

Chase and Karli are both sitting by two very good friends. I think we will have a contest as to who gets moved first. My money is on Karli, she is a chatterbox!
6 more days and counting people. 6 MORE DAYS!!!

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