April Pictorial

It’s that time again for my monthly photo dump of Facebook/Instagram photos. Haven’t been blogging much in case you haven’t noticed. I really really want to make some more videos, but time has been getting away from me. There have been some serious conversations going on around here in regards to Andrew and college and Karli and her dance/gymnastics future and all my brain cells are getting used up. Plus everyone is just enjoying the nice weather we are finally having. We have had a few baseball games already and we only have about 40 more to go before the end of June. I’m just going with the flow day to day trying to keep up with it all. However, Sunday I literally did nothing but read an entire book all day while listening to the rain. Sometimes you just gotta relax and take a time out.

We went on a little road trip over Spring Break to the Pro Football Hall of Fame. See the video here.
Road trip!

Dan Marino
Drove all this way to see Dan Marino to find out its just a sculpture...not the real thing ;( lol

Lots of me

Chase…the only Redskin fan in the house…probably because my dad is a Redskins fan.
Chase is the first one of all the kids to pick his own favorite football team instead of following whatever Ken likes.

Cute shoes at Target that Karli wanted me to buy for her, but I didn’t. Ken would have died!
My 8 year old daughter trying to convince me to let her buy these. Ummm...NO.

First time I ate at Max & Erma’s. I LOVE Tortilla soup.
Last week I had dinner for the first time at Max & Erma's. Tortilla soup was so good as well as the free fresh cookies they give out on Wednesdays!

College visit to Central Michigan University. Andrew loved the school, but it’s at the bottom of my list. Too far away! 3 hours.
Visiting Central Michigan University and its snowing!

Cute way Andrew asked a girl to Prom :) It’s about 200 tea-light candles.
How my 17 yr old just asked a girl to Prom. 200 tealight candles!

My adorable furbabies
"Any dinner scraps left Mommy?"

Tori trying out for the Big Bad Wolf.
Tori is trying out for the role of the Big Bad Wolf. #dog #actress

I could seriously take a photo every day of the crazy ways Daisy lays around the kitchen.
Just chillin

New highlights!
New highlights!

Happy Spring to everyone! It’s finally here :)

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