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65 of 365

The kids had a half day of school today due to the end of the trimester so I scheduled the 3 younger ones dentist appointments. Sadly, Karli has never been to the dentist and she is almost 5. Blake and Chase haven’t been in almost 2 years. Going to the dentist has always been one of those things that gets pushed on the back burner due to not having dental insurance. Andrew always goes faithfully because he is on his father’s insurance and they have dental coverage. I know, it’s no excuse, especially because I spend money on clothes and sports and whatever else for the kids without a second of thought.

Guess what? The kids received rave reviews at the dentist. So HA! The dentist told the kids they are doing a great job at brushing their teeth and I was all like, Ahem- you mean mom does a great job brushing their teeth?! I always brush their teeth in the morning and then I watch them brush their own teeth at night. Mostly because in the morning we are rushed and we don’t have time to waste while they play around with toothpaste and brushes. Andrew of course brushes his own teeth in case you were wondering. I am just talking about the younger 3 kids.

Another thing is we don’t really let the kids drink pop or allow them to eat much candy. They have pop, or soda as some of you call it, once in awhile when we go out to eat, but other than that they drink milk at dinner and juice or koolaid other times. Koolaid isn’t the greatest either because of the sugar, but they don’t really have that much koolaid either. Outside of meals whenever they are thirsty they are told to drink water. Nice that I can get my kids to develop these great habits where as I am horrible at the same things.

After the dentist we went to a couple of stores to look for new tennis shoes for Karli. Hers were looking pretty shabby and getting a little tight. My cell phone was ringing like crazy because I had dropped Andrew off at the mall with his friend before the dentist appointment and they decided they wanted to come home. Here they told me that they were planning on staying a few hours, but Andrew bought a video game and wanted to come home to play it. He was driving me nuts! Other than that I had one of those moments where you sit back and sigh and think…wow, this is how I imagined my life would be someday… many many years ago.

I don’t know what it was specifically. Maybe it was the kids behaving so well at the dentist. They were so cute and nice with the staff it made me proud that they were my kids. Maybe it was walking through the stores and not having the kids ask if they could buy this or that and me having to say no a couple dozen times. Maybe it was the sunshine and the 65 degree weather that we haven’t seen in forever. Whatever it was, it felt great and I feel so lucky to have the life that I have.

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