45 of 365

45 of 365

Ken surprised me with this beautiful bracelet for Valentine’s Day. Of course we said the usual – “No gifts”, but he rarely plays fair. I should know better. I wanted to take him to this Sushi bar type restaurant but we weren’t able to go this weekend because my niece Emma is in town. We might go out next weekend.

He also did something super special for me today. He finally moved my elliptical machine down into the basement. I hated having it in the den. Now it is downstairs with the treadmill and I swore to him that I would start using both of them. I used the excuse that I couldn’t get on the elliptical in the morning when I get up with Andrew because it would wake everyone up. I have no excuse now. Crap.

We bought the kids some fun stuff. We got Andrew headphones for his cell phone. Blake, Chase, and Karli each got a Webkinz. Blake also got a couple of Diary of a Wimpy Kid books, Chase got Madagascar 2 movie, and Karli got the Barbie, The Diamond Castle movie.

Here is a better photo of my bracelet. So cute and dainty. I love jewelry like this. He knows me so well.

My Valentine's Day Present

Hope you all have a wonderful Valentine’s Day.

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