Karli’s dance recital

Karli was so cute at her first dance recital. Everyone thought she was going to be super shy and get up on stage and just stand there, but she surprised us all! You could tell by her face she was nervous, but she still did a good job. She was so adorable and her costumes were so cute on her. The black and white one was for her hip hop routine and the green one is from jazz. Next year she wants to take tap dance as well.

Don’t mind her brightly colored makeup, they make them wear it so dark because of the bright lights when they are up on stage. Be sure to scroll down after the photos and watch the video I took from Dress Rehearsal.

Jazz routine Hip hop routine

Karli and her friend Anika.
Karli and her friend

We got Karli a Build a Bear as a gift and she got some flowers from my parents and niece Emma.

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  • Reply karen June 8, 2011 at 7:58 pm

    It looks like the recital was lots of fun. I took Ballet for one year. I had a “Strawberry shortcake” recital,and was a dancing strawberry! I remember having so much fun. The instructor didn’t want me to wear my glasses on stage because of the bright lights. My mom said no way.LOL!

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