#365dog – Week 20

Day 133
Hobo Dinner
It’s nice to have a hubby that can cook. Love his hobo dinner.

Day 134
A friend posted these bagels and I just had to try them, they smell delicious and taste just as good.

Day 135
Wax Museum
We seen Martha Washington today at Karli’s school. Her class presented a Wax Museum and had to give speeches and dress like their famous person from history. She did a great job!

Day 136
Chase just had to get a new shirt to watch SpiderMan 2 in 3D. It was a great movie…however I wasn’t very happy with one part :-(

Day 137
After someone approached my car in a parking lot the other day (which I ignored him and pulled away), Ken got me some protection. I already had some spray that I carry in my purse and I do pull out when I am leaving places alone or in the dark. But this one I have attached right under my steering wheel. Better not approach my car now crazy people!

Day 138
Baby Tori
My baby girl Tori

Day 139
I developed the film from Chase’s camping trip and most of them are of his friends or the camp site. This was the only photo that he was in.

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