#365dog – Week 12

Day 77
I love receiving free products via VoxBox!

Day 78
Little Miss Daisy lays around on her back like this all the time! It looks so uncomfortable to me.

Day 79
Thank goodness I got out of jury duty for next month. I sent in a letter stating a long list of things that I have going on that can’t be rescheduled. I was so stressed out over this. Phew!

Day 80
Karli and I caught the tail end of Eclipse on tv, so then she wanted to watch Twilight. I certainly wasn’t going to argue. Afterwards we watching Breaking Dawn 2. Nothing like going from the first movie to the last and skipping everything in between!

Day 81
The world of youth wrestling is insane. Some of these parents yell and scream and act so out of control I am embarrassed for them. But, hey, I guess they have heart right? You won’t find me doing that though. I practically hold my breath the whole time Chase wrestles.

Day 82
Andrew, Karli and I went to see Divergent today and it was amazing! Andrew decided to be our chauffeur, he had his dad’s Jeep for the week. Great day with my oldest and youngest!

Day 83
Happy Birthday to Grandma Rosemary!!

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