#365dog – Week 11

Day 70
Scary Tori
Tori can be quite vicious at times. Mess with her whens he is in one of her moods and this is what you get.

Day 71
White Winter
We had been debating whether or not to go to Vegas this spring, just Ken and I. It’s so hard with the kids busy schedules to get away for any amount of time. The last time we went somewhere just the two of us was in 2006. After waking up to this crap again, I booked the trip. Can’t wait for some adult time =)

Day 72
My favorite show for the past couple of years has been Parenthood. Guaranteed to make you cry. Every single time.

Day 73
Scraggly Tori
Is it possible for a dog to be so cute and scraggly at the same time? Apparently so!

Day 74
Karli & Mommy
Off to Karli’s second dance competition!

Day 75
Tori dressed up
Karli is always asking to take Tori with us everywhere we go. Of course she has to have clothes on first.

Day 76
I seriously can not believe that Andrew is going to be graduating in a little over 2 months!! Where has time gone?

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