Wonder if they will miss me

I’m feeling a little stressed tonight. Karli, Andrew, and I leave for Columbus tomorrow afternoon and it’s just a teeny bit hard to think of not being here for 4 – 5 days. I know Ken is fully capable of taking care of the house and kids, but it’s just a mother’s instinct to worry about things. I actually haven’t packed yet which is not Iike me, but I’ve sort of not done it on purpose so I can wake up in the morning feeling like P Diddy. Ha! just kidding… So I can wake up and have a busy morning and then before you know it it will be time to leave and I won’t have enough time to stress out. I have to pack for Karli and I, clean out my car, get gas, put the addresses of the baseball field and hotel in my GPS (its about a two and a half hour drive) and then pick up Andrew at his dad’s house on the way. Right now Andrew is in Chicago with his father on vacation. They will be washing on the clothes he took to Chicago and just repack the stuff for Columbus. I still have to pack his baseball uniforms and make sure I remember to put his baseball equipment in the car.

I will admit I am better with this sort of stuff than I used to be. 10 years ago I probably wouldn’t sleep at all tonight and would be going crazy. Now I am fine with everything except the idea of leaving half my family back home. At least I don’t have to write out instructions for the house/dog sitter. Or maybe I do? LOL!

Depending on how Andrew’s team plays on Thursday they may not play on Friday or if they do it won’t be until later so I was thinking about taking Karli to the Columbus Zoo. I’m not sure if Andrew will want to go with or stay back with his friends. Other than that it will be a lot of baseball games and relaxing in between. My mom offered to take Karli whenever Ken has the boys baseball so I didn’t have to take her with me. At first Karli considered it and then she said that she would miss me too much…awww!

Not sure if I will be posting at all while I gone…so see ya for now ;p. I’m gonna look into putting some movies on my iPad for Andrew for the car ride since he can’t see the screen in my car unless he sits in the back, but then he gets carsick. He gets that from me!

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