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You know what happens when I don’t write for several days? All the thoughts in my head pour out like a train wreck in the form of a very long drawn out post that no one probably reads. I am going to try really hard to make this shorter than it could be.

Columbus – Trip went very well, didn’t get lost once. I bow to whoever invented GPS. Hotel bed was miserable, but Andrew’s pull out couch was even worse. His team did pretty well, but they didn’t win, so not well enough I guess. Andrew had a blast hanging with his teamates & Karli and I kept busy socializing with the other moms. Learned some things about people that I didn’t know…a lot of it gossip, lots of fun and entertaining to say the least. Andrew pitched the first 3 games and had some awesome hits including a triple! The 4th game he couldn’t pitch (rules) and good thing because his arm and leg were really sore from all the pitching. I should have iced it the day before…didn’t realize until too late. Then he slid into home and really pulled his leg. Coach put him into left field (usually he plays 3rd base when he is not pitching) to rest his arm and leg. A couple of hits came his way & he wasn’t running his usual pace. Another dad from the team got ticked that Andrew was “dogging” it and said something out loud. His son constantly makes mistakes…do I or anyone else say anything – of course not! I had a little PMS going on and while I wanted to get angry, I got upset instead. Good thing Karli needed to use the potty. I drove her to the cleaner bathrooms & pulled myself together. When I came back Andrew was sitting the bench with ice packs. Happy about that. They lost that game…we got to go home. Columbus traffic stinks. Seen more car accidents in 3 days then normally see in 1 year.

Andrew’s crazy schedule began.. football workouts, basketball camp, and finishing up baseball games. I drop him off and then I get on the treadmill for 30 minutes. ONCE AGAIN starting the Couch to 5K program. It is a 9 week program that eases you into running 3 miles. I’m not focusing on weight loss right now because that never works. I am focusing on working out & being more active in general. I really truly want to be a runner. If I could run a half a mile it would be a miracle. If I follow this program and in the end can run 3 miles it would be like a Christmas miracle. I could barely run 1 mile in gym class in high school. Did you have to do that to pass gym? I remember getting the worse stomach cramps just from 1 mile. I can’t imagine running 3 miles! But I am determined. And it’s your job to hold me accountable!! Like send me hate mail if I don’t do this…okay!

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