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Weird Al

Last school year Andrew and some of his buddies really got into the music of Weird Al. They would sit on watch his videos on YouTube and sing the songs. Some of the kids even performed Weird Al at the school Lip Sinc or maybe it was the Talent Show, I don’t remember. When we seen that Weird Al was going to be close to home for an outdoor concert we thought it would be fun to take Andrew. Weird Al was pretty funny and his songs are quite catchy. I think my favorite part was all the video interviews that he played on this screen while he was changing costumes. There were people like Jessica Simpson, Kevin Federline (Britney Spears baby daddy), Madonna, and the videos were edited to make them look stupid. They were hilarious. What was even more entertaining was the people that came to the concert. I love me some good people watching and there was plenty of it that day. The concert didn’t start until 45 minutes after it was suppose to, plus we got there early, so I would say we had a good hour of sitting back and taking it all in. The guy and girl in front of us ended up being two guys. The one guy though stank so bad and with the heat it was enough to make you sick. Is it that hard for people to bathe and use soap and possibly deodorant? Geez! Then there was this girl who decided to drink and who knows what else before she came. She comes down the aisle carrying a beer and being really loud, and drawing tons of attention to herself. She was in her early 30’s I would guess, had saggy big boobs, wore no bra, and her jeans were real tight and her zipper must have been broken because her jeans were being held together with 1 safety pin. Let’s say the 1 safety pin was no where near enough because her fat was busting out above and below the safety pin, it was disgusting and funny at the same time. Can’t you go to Kmart and buy some Wranglers for like $10 or something? I mean that beer she bought at the concert was at least half that much and she clearly had more than 1. People are just strange, but life wouldn’t be as entertaining without them. Overall, I am glad we went and Andrew and his buddy had a lot of fun, so it was worth it.

Weird Al Concert

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