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Lady Gaga Concert

Lady Gaga Concert – Joe Louis Arena, Detroit, MI
The concert was amazing and I love Lady Gaga even more now than I did before. My mom had said that we were going to be the oldest people there, but we we far from it. There were people of all ages there, in fact the people sitting next to us were older than us and two of them were doctors. Ken chatted their ears off until the concert started. We were 3 rows from the front, left of center. We were almost directly in front of these mammoth speakers and it was so loud. So loud that after about half way through the first song by the opening act I felt sick to my stomach. The bass was shaking my entire body and it was like it gave me motion sickness. I tried to tell Ken, but of course he couldn’t hear me. A couple of minutes later we seen that people around us were rolling up small bits of napkin and stuffing them in their ears. We did the same and it was perfect. I actually ended up leaving them in the entire concert except for Lady Gaga’s encore.

The opening act was a group called Semi Precious Weapons and they were freaks! This guy was dressed in fishnets and the music was screeching nonsense. Check them out on Youtube if you want to see what I mean. I think they only performed like 3 songs – thank goodness!

Semi Precious Weapons:
Lady Gaga Concert - Semi Precious Weapons - opening act

Jason Derulo was the second opening act and he was really good. I liked all of his songs a lot, only his dancers that were a little dull.
Lady Gaga Concert- Jason Derulo - Opening Act

Lady Gaga Concert - Jason Derulo - Opening Act

Lady Gaga was pretty much everything I expected her to be. She sings very well live unlike some other artists who have to lip sync to certain parts of their songs (ahem, Britney Spears). She opened up to a song called Dance in the Dark which is my new favorite song by her. I ended up taking a lot of photos and videos with my tiny little Sony Cybershot. Her dancers made the show, without them it would have not been the same. Lady Gaga’s dancing could use some work, but she was still fun to watch. The music was incredible…even with napkins stuffed in my ears! Ken says he expected a little more shock value beings she always does crazy stuff on TV. It was pretty mellow, I mean she cussed a few times when talking and there was some sexy dance moments and such, but nothing too drastic.

Songs she performed in order with their perspective photos:

1. Dance in the Dark
2. Just Dance
Lady Gaga Concert

3. Love Game
4. Alejandro
Lady Gaga Concert

5. Monster (also a new favorite!)
Lady Gaga Concert

Lady Gaga Concert

She was talking during these photos…about how sexy we all think she is :p
Lady Gaga Concert

Lady Gaga Concert

6. Teeth (this song is just strange…still don’t like it)

7. Speechless (LOVE it, so emotional)
Lady Gaga Concert

8. The Fame (don’t really like too much)
Lady Gaga Concert

9. Money Honey
Lady Gaga Concert

10. Boys Boys Boys
Lady Gaga Concert

11. Poker Face
12. Paparazzi (I thought she would have done something crazier for this song. Her outfit was just awkward looking…)
Lady Gaga Concert

13. Eh Eh – Nothing Else I Can Say (ENCORE)
Lady Gaga Concert

14. Bad Romance – (ENCORE)

I loved the concert…so glad we got the tickets. As part of our Hot Seat package we also got two pairs of these Lady Gaga Heartbeats Monster headphones that they sell for $100 at Best Buy as well as other places online. I seen tons of people are selling them cheaper on Ebay. We are keeping both of ours, even though they are kinda girly looking.

Lady Gaga was better than Britney, but not quite as good as seeing Coldplay in concert. That has been my favorite concert so far.

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