Vlogging from the Archives

Tonight while Ken and the boys went to the high school football game Karli and I stayed home and had a girls night. We cuddled together in my bed and watched old videos and played games on my iPad. I transferred some of the videos onto my laptop, so I thought I would share a few over the next week or so. Some of the funniest ones are on our older camcorder and I can’t remember how to get those onto my computer, but I am going to work on it. I love looking back at the kids when they were so cute and innocent. Now they are just cute and ornery. It’s hard to judge sometimes what other people might find entertaining because I find so many of these videos adorable, but I know I am partial to my little kiddos.

This video is Chase and Karli playing “Guess Which Hand?” Their little voices are too sweet and I love the way Karli stares at Chase at a couple of parts. She actually adored him back then, now they just get on each others nerves! I know when they get older, hopefully teenage years, they will be best buds. They are 20 months apart in age and only 1 grade difference. They look like twins!

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