Back to School

The day started out a bit rough when Andrew couldn’t find his wallet with his school ID this morning. We were flipping over cushions and searching all over the place. I could tell it was really bugging him that he lost his wallet especially because he assumed he lost it at the high school football game on Friday and chances of someone turning it in were probably slim. Finally we gave up and he walked to the bus stop. After a few minutes I called his cell and asked him to come back so I could take a picture of him because I forgot and you can’t have that! I ended up just taking him to school so he could get there early enough to find his classes and such. After emailing and calling several people at the school to see if his wallet was turned in I decided to search his room again and I found it in between his wall and bed. Yay! Andrew likes all of his teachers and had a good day up until football practice when he called me because he forgot his football locker combination! Must have been a busy day for him to forget a combo that he has been using for many weeks already. Thank goodness his mom remembered the combo!

Andrew's First Day of High School Andrew ~ Freshman Football

Blake, Chase, and Karli were all a little less than thrilled about their first day of school. Blake was saying he can’t wait until the weekend. Chase said their alarm woke them up way to early. Karli was only excited about wearing her new boots despite the warm weather. There is no doubt I was more excited than they were, but what do you expect after 3 months of trying to work with them in my ear all day? I had my workout clothes on, ready to take them to school, give hugs, and have 7 straight childless hours. Ken and I went to the YMCA and then I was busy all day working on our new company website. The day flew by and before I knew it I was preparing dinner so the kids could scarf it down the minute they came home before we rushed off to football and cheerleading.

When they came home they were full of stories. Karli said, “Today was boring, all I did was sit at the table, then sit on the carpet, then sit at the table, then sit on the carpet!” Chase said, “I got homework, but I didn’t bring it home because my teacher said that it wasn’t homework and I could do it tomorrow if I want.” So I guess it wasn’t homework? Blake is really happy with his teacher this year. He has one of the most coveted teachers in the school, in fact I just read a paper that Andrew filled out today for one of his classes and he had her listed as his all time favorite teacher. Before Blake went to bed tonight I actually had a normal conversation with him about school. I guess I shouldn’t call it normal, but what I mean is Blake is finally at that age where you can just talk about stuff without having to think about the fact that you are talking to a young child. Know what I mean? He is maturing and it’s about time! Ken and I say all the time that he spends too much time with Chase and Karli and he needs to be with kids more his age.

Photos from Open House and today…

First Day of School Blake & his 5th Grade Teacher

Chase and his 2nd Grade Teacher Karli and her 1st Grade Teacher

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  • Reply Jules September 12, 2010 at 9:30 am

    It’s always tough to get back into routine at the beginning of the school year, huh? My kids hated waking up early and life being so much busier. They missed their laid back summer days. Me – this is my first time ever home all day alone while they are in school – wow! I accomplish more in two hours than I did all day when they were home…lol. Great pictures :)

  • Reply Lindsey September 8, 2010 at 3:17 pm

    Cute boots :) Wow sounded like an eventful day! Back to school always has its ups and downs. I drive my kids to school and yesterday was our first day back. Yeah I had everything organized until it was time to find my keys… about frantic! I left them at my parents house since the baby got into the diaper bag and took them out HA! My husband drove us there and back so I never noticed they were missing. Luckily it was nice enough outside to take a 3 mile walk to school, sheesh LOL

  • Reply Terra September 8, 2010 at 8:29 am

    They look great (love the boots) starting school again is always so bittersweet…

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