Olivia Crocs

Crocs that Ken hates :(

I read an article not too long ago about the best shoes to wear to amusement parks or anywhere you will be walking all day and so many women suggested Crocs. I found these Olivia Crocs today and they are really really comfortable! I know they aren’t the most fashionable things, but I am not out to impress. I plan on wearing them a bit the next few days to make sure I do like them before I try wearing them to walk around for 12 hours. Don’t worry, I plan on bringing my tennis shoes along and keeping them in the car just in case. My husband hates my new Crocs and says they are for 60 year old ladies. Oh well…can’t please everyone. And when his feet hurt at the end of the night I will try not to snicker too loudly.

Do you wear Crocs? What style are your favorite?

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