Off to camp

Blake going to camp

This morning Blake left for Camp Storer. Usually they go in 5th grade, but our 5th graders will be going to the Junior High next year due to school district changes, so they are going to camp this year instead. It seems crazy to me…him going to camp when he is only 10 years old. Sure he will be 11 in a couple of months, but still. His suitcase was stuffed full with hopefully warm enough clothes for 4 days. I can’t believe I actually packed some shorts as well thinking they would get some warmer weather and we just had snow a couple of hours ago. Its all melted, but I’m still sick of seeing it! He said he wasn’t nervous at all, but you could tell he had a little bit of the butterflies! I know these next few days will fly by…I hope he has fun!

Blake going to camp

Blake going to camp

I also found these photos on my camera…Karli was at it again (stealing my camera). She cracks me up!

Karli's Husky- practicing photography Karli's Husky- practicing photography

Karli taking pics - SHAGGY!

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