Beautiful Day

Today was a perfect Sunday! Ken woke the kids and I bright and early (9am is early on Sundays to me) so we could attend mass. While I was hiding my head under the covers and moaning about my aching back (I slept wrong or something) Ken was filling me in on his new idea to have every Sunday spent as someone’s special day. Of course he gets to go first even though I am the oldest, so technically I should go first. He knew if it was my turn the first thing I would say is we are skipping church and sleeping in.

He decided when it’s your special day you get to decide what we do for the day, but it has to be family oriented. If we go out to eat after church, it’s your choice of restaurant. Then when we come home, you get to decide how the day is going to go for the most part.

Today at church our family was asked to present the gifts for communion (I think only Catholics do this at mass), which we have never done before so that was perfect timing. After mass, we went to lunch and then came home and enjoyed the beautiful day. The weather was gorgeous, in the 60’s all day. First we cleaned up the house a little and then the kids went outside and played a bit of everything – basketball, football drills, jumping on the trampoline, and roller blading around the neighborhood. Ken got some things done around the house, like cleaning up the garage and taking the cover off the Camaro. I cleaned and prepared a scrumptious dinner. Ironically enough I had purchased a small turkey for today and I prepared Ken a Thanksgiving dinner since he didn’t have one this year. I also made a new dessert which I will share later this week. We ate dinner kind of late so afterward it was showers and off to bed for the kiddos. Ken is playing MW3 and I am blogging and watching GCB – Funny new series that is on after Desperate Housewives. I’m going to read a couple chapters of The Maze Runner until my eyelids feel heavy and I doze off to sleep. Hope you all had a fabulous Sunday as well!

Photo from today…my sweetest girl ‘STOP’ = Sweet Teenie Outspoken Princess!

S-weet T-eenie O-utspoken P-rincess!

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