March Pictorial

If you are new here…welcome to one of my Monthly Pictorials where I share the photos from the month that didn’t get posted to my blog. AKA- Photos from Instagram/Facebook.

My favorite Tuna Noodle Casserole recipe, a life saver for all those no meat Fridays during Lent.
Never get tired of Tuna Noodle Casserole on Fridays. #lent

I got bangs in March!
I got bangs! #haircut #bangs

Cute new flower arrangement and wooden vase that I bought for my table in my foyer.
I spruced up the little table in my foyer with this wooden vase and fake floral arrangement.  #target

Kids say the Darndest things moment…one day we had Teriyaki Chicken and potatoes and Karli asked, “What kind of chicken is this, pork?”
Tonight we had terriyaki chicken and redskin potatoes.  At dinner Karli asked "what kind of chicken is this, pork?"

My new iPhone case from
New iPhone case #etsy

Daisy was extremely tired of the snow and cold weather in March.
Daisy is tired of this crummy weather too.

Cute hairstyle that I did for Karli. I found the tutorial on Cute Girls Hairstyles Youtube Channel.
Karli's hair...tutorial from Cute Girls Hairstyles on YouTube!

Tori soaking up the morning sunshine.
Tori enjoying what little sign of Spring there is.

Andrew and I enjoying a mother/son dinner after his first college visit. (OMG…I am so not ready for this!)
Andrew and I loaded upon carbs after college visit yesterday. #tgifridays

Taxes. Enough said.
Don't be jealous. #taxes

Brute for a daughter = hole in the door. She still tries to say she didn’t do it yet she was the only one inside the bathroom at the time. Chase was trying to get in.
My MIL warned me about having 3 boys and them putting holes in walls and doors. To bad this was my darling daughter!

Halloween Tori…just a little early.
Tori - Happy Halloween!!

Feeding Karli’s shoe addiction.
Feeding Karli's shoe addiction.

Easter Bunny Tori!
Hippity Hoppity Tori ;)

Fabric for No-Sew Fleece Blankets that we made. Check out our YouTube Channel where we starting making vlogs every day for Spring Break. This was our first video.
We are making daily vlogs over Spring Break... First one is from Good Friday, we made no sew blankets.

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