Back to normal… not even close

Just when I thought life would get back to our typical summer routine, everything goes and gets busy again. Andrew and Blake both start football today. This will be Blake’s first year playing tackle football. He is pretty pumped. Andrew decided to play again after taking a year off. Ken is coaching Blake’s team this year. Soon I will be spending about 5 hours at the football field on Sunday game days. I would really like to find a babysitter for Chase and Karli otherwise I will probably go nuts. Andrew will also being playing fall baseball, which is just games on Saturdays. Chase will play flag football, but that doesn’t start until next month. Karli still doesn’t want to take dance class. Hopefully this year of preschool will help her be a little less shy. What else starts soon? Religion classes for Blake on Mondays and Chase and Karli will go to the preschool classes during mass on Sundays again. Crap, now I just thought about how we are going to make that happen during football season?? Ugh! Anyways, the amount of paperwork for all these activities, the schools, and preschool is insane!

Andrew received his junior high class schedule the other day. Of course he got the difficult teacher that I mentioned a long time ago. I ended up not going into the school and requesting any certain teachers for Andrew, so it was bound to happen. I have talked to more people, including some kids that have had the teacher recently and honestly I am not too worried. Apparently one of the biggest beefs people have with this teacher is every single night she makes you write an outline on whatever you learned about that day. She also has pop quizzes like crazy, but if you do your outline every night that shouldn’t be a problem. I guess it is the pop quizzes that are hard and end up screwing up their grades royally. The neighbor girl said that her friend did get an A in the class, so it isn’t impossible. You just have to work really hard. Andrew is smart, I think it will be good for him. It’s about time he gets challenged by a teacher! His schedule is awesome though, well at least I think so. He has Periods 1 – 4 of Math, English, History, Science. Then he goes to lunch and Homeroom. Then Health/Gym rotation for 6th Period and the 7th period is the exploratory rotation of computers, foreign languages, etc. I told him I think it is great that he will get all of his core classes done in the morning and then the rest of the day will be easy. He is a little nervous about entering junior high. I can remember those days. Barely.

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