Last day of school

Karli with her friend dressed for the last day of school.
Karli and her friend...the last day of school outfit she picked out a week ago with her HEELS (must have!)

Of course no day can go without some sort of catastrophe. The last day of school Ken had a golf meeting up near Port Huron so I took Chase and Karli to school. As we were pulling around the back of the school Karli had taken her seat belt off and was sticking her head out the window. Next thing I know she is crying. She said when I hit a bump her mouth hit the top of the window and hit her tooth. When I asked her to open her mouth I was almost sick. One of her top teeth was pushed backward, like instead of pointing down it was pointing toward the back of her throat.

Thankfully it was a baby tooth!

After dropping Chase off I pulled across from the school to get a closer look at her tooth. It was bleeding a little bit and she was in a lot of pain. I called the dentist and they said they needed to take a look to see if it needed to be pulled or what. She did settle down enough to go into school to give her teacher her gift and enjoy her last day a bit. Once at the dentist her tooth did look a little bit better. Her gum was still a little purple but the tooth looked like it shifted back in place some. The dentist did want to pull it but the more he talked about it the more upset she became.

Karli at the Dentist

The dentist was going to numb her gums and all, but she just wasn’t having it. He said he didn’t want the dentist to be a traumatic experience for Karli that she never forgot so he told Karli she has 7 days to get the tooth out herself or it would need pulled.

Karli at the dentist

Amazingly, several days later the tooth actually doesn’t look that bad at all. It is almost back into its normal position so I am not going to force her to get it pulled. Since it’s a baby tooth and the next one to probably fall out anyways I think she is fine. She is already missing her two front teeth and it’s the tooth next to the front tooth.

The funniest part was when we were checking out and the receptionist said $70 and Karli said, “For what, he didn’t even do anything?” I told her, “Welcome to the world of the medical field!”

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