Karli’s bedroom and other updates

Some things that have been happening the past month or so…

We shot our new guns for the first time! Video coming soon. It was quite interesting…scary, but not as bad as what I thought it would be. I even shot Ken’s .45, which holy powerful!
Shot my AR for the first time today, pretty sweet!

I painted Karli’s bedroom a brighter pink and put up a zebra border (shhh, it’s duct tape!). I didn’t want to have to paint all the way to the ceiling since it is cathedral ceiling in her room, so I took the easy way out. We bought her a new bunk bed that is a futon that folds out into a full size bed for sleepovers with friends. She wanted as much as possible to be zebra, so I added a little here and there. I also reupholstered her desk chair because she had stains on the pad from who knows what. Now if only she would keep her room clean!
Changing from pink to pink ;)
Karli's new bedroom
Karli's new bedroom

We still kept the clouds on the walls…it is the only thing left original since we first started using this room as a nursery for Chase and then Karli. I couldn’t part with them :(
Karli's new bedroom
Karli's bedroom

We bought lots of flowers to spruce up our yard from the Detroit Eastern Market on Flower Day. Of course I bought too much and was sick of planting about half way through.
We tore out these huge ugly juniper shurbs that were around our pool and grew way too big and I planted some smaller perennials and annuals. Unfortunately I put a hole in the sprinkler hose that is buried underground around our pool. Ken was able to fix it pretty easily, but it was still another chore that we didn’t need. We ended up with a much cleaner look around the pool, which I love.

Our dogs have always been able to get out of our fence. When we built our house 11 years ago we had a Keeshond and a Pomeranian that were too big to fit through the fence. Those dogs are in doggy heaven and our current 4 dogs can all fit through the fence. Whether it be them running through to torment the huge dogs behind us who are blocked via electric fence or running out front at people walking their dogs, it’s always been a pain. Especially this last year when we got the puppies. I had told Ken I could not make it through another summer having to babysit the dogs when we let them outside. FINALLY..we came up with a solution. We bought 450, 1 foot tall pickets, actually they were 6 foot long that we had cut into 1 foot, and Ken installed them in between each gap in the fence. It ended up looking pretty decent considering it was not really meant to be.

We installed new gates as well. Ours were in bad shape and unfortunately our fence was discontinued, but we just went with a gate we thought would like nice and again, I think it turned out nicely. Ken has been a busy worker bee around here lately!

We started my home office makeover. We painted two walls a dark salmon color that has grown on me since then. I have a temporary desk set up until we buy some new cabinets and install a built in counter top. We have also ordered new carpet for the office, great room and up the stairs and down the hallway. We decided to wait and do the bedrooms next year. It’s hard to believe that it’s been 11 years with this carpet!
Home office makeover...color is looking bright! Dark salmon. Hope I grow to love it. Right now I'm not so sure.

We’ve been a little bit busy with all these projects, but I guess that is what spring is for! We will hopefully be done soon and can sit back and enjoy our summer break with the kiddos.

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