Fifty Shades of Grey

Fifty Shades of Grey

Okay, I am so confused and can not seem to research this book fast enough! It all started Tuesday morning when I recorded Good Morning America so I could listen to the interview of rejected Linzi. I ended up watching the segment on this crazy popular trilogy of books called Fifty Shades, which I had never heard of until then. The books are being referred to as mommy porn and well, sex sells right? The first book is Fifty Shades of Grey it’s 528 pages and I read it in two days. O.M.G. Even last night during these crazy storms where my daughter couldn’t quite possibly sit any closer to me…I couldn’t put my iPad down. Then last night I went up to bed my eyes were getting heavy so I finally gave in and went to sleep with 93% of the book finished. Something woke me up at 4am and I actually finished the book and then went back to sleep.

I have already purchased book 2 on my Ipad – Fifty Shades Darker and plan on diving in as soon as I feed these munchkins of mine.

I read some of the reviews on Amazon and GoodReads on the first book and I am finding that people either love this book or hate it, with probably 75% loving it.

Supposedly…and this is where I am just so shocked, the basis of the books come from Fan Fiction for the Twilight books. If you don’t know what Fan Fiction is, basically it’s where people take books and create their own stories from characters or settings from other published books. The author, EL James, had created fan fiction from Twilight called – Master of the Universe. It was based on Edward and Bella set several years into the future. Basically Edward and Bella – the sex story. There are even pretty racy videos on Youtube, just do a search. Apparently her writing received such a large following that she was advised to take the writings off the internet and turn them into books. However the Fifty Shades Trilogy has no mention of vampires. The author had to rewrite much of the Fan Fiction to make sure the books did not resemble the Twilight series. And honestly I would have never connected the two myself. If anything I kept thinking of a Rated X version of Pretty Woman, minus the whole hooker thing.

Sure there is the withdrawn, sexy, wealthy, controlling, broken Christian (sound like Edward?) and the desperate, inexperienced, immature, insecure Anastasia (umm, Bella much?)…but the story just doesn’t ring Twilight to me. It is much different and moves much faster than Twilight. It certainly doesn’t take 4 books for these two to have sex for the first time. You The “mommy porn” as people are calling it is written very well (and not really that bad, I guess that will depend on the person though), but some other parts of the book are very repetitive (like the words that Ana and Christian use to communicate with one another) and really just odd for lack of a better word. But there is something about the characters and their obsessive relationship that make you keep reading and reading and never wanting to stop. I dare ya, give it a shot. You’ll be hooked too!

Good luck trying to find the books in print, they are sold out everywhere, including Amazon. If you have an e-reader, you are in luck. $30 (for all 3 e-books) is worth to me. Now I’m just trying to decide if I should keep visualizing Christian as the guy that I have imagined for the past 528 pages or if I should switch to Edward?? Tough decision.

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