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While I absolutely love having an iPad to read books on I really miss buying books. Whenever I’m at Target I always seem to find myself walking down the book aisle admiring all the pretty book covers. If I had the storage space and money I would buy new books all the time. It’s my dream to redo my office and have Ken build floor to ceiling books shelves on the longest wall available. Although I would then need to buy some more books to fill the shelves…darn!

It’s hard to shop for new Kindle or iBooks to download at times because I really do like to judge books buy their cover. I tend to browse the Top 100 lists and such, but there you find the same authors over and over again. Sometimes I like to find a new author or a unique book that may not be on a most popular list. I find it really helpful to take photos of books when visiting a store and that’s exactly what I did during my last visit to Target. Look at all these beautiful books? Do you recognize any of them? Any recommendations?


Karli loves books as much as me, but I try not too buy too many books for her. We mostly go to the library, usually twice a month to pick out some new books. She constantly picks out books that are a little too hard for her to read. Well she can read them, but it takes forever to finish a book and she likes to read out loud to me. By the time she finishes a 200 page book I am bored to death of the book. I try to make it a rule that the book has to be under 100 pages and if it has a few illustrations here and there even better. I feel like she went from reading fun picture books to these huge chapter books leaving out so many good books in the middle. There are some really cute series of books like Ivy & Bean and Judy Moody that are age appropriate and fun to read.

She picked out some fun books, including some new series of books where we tried to check out just the first book of the series to see if we like it. One thing we like to do (that I did with all my kids when they were younger) is she reads a page and then I read a page. I feel like this really helps with reading fluency and it’s a fun way to spend time together.


The library had a display where you were to answer – What Do You Geek? Karli wrote puppies and of course I wrote Twilight!


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