Felt like a Monday

Today ended up being a crazy day! Andrew didn’t get home last night until kinda late so I originally had let him sleep him with the intention to take him to school when Blake and Chase go to school. Instead he begged and pleaded to stay home all day saying that he was extremely tired and feeling sick. Ya, sick of school maybe. He did end up staying home and we got wrapped up into all these discussions about sports, particularly his insane schedule this summer due to his travel baseball team, conditioning starting for football as soon as school ends, and today we added summer basketball to the mix. I’m not going to get into the details of all this craziness, but basically we found out today about a basketball meeting that was tonight at 7:30. I don’t know how he doesn’t find out about these things. Either he doesn’t listen to school announcements or I am just clueless at the dozens of websites that apparently I am suppose to be checking periodically to keep up to date on all this information. I will challenge anyone to tell me that balancing activities for 3 active boys isn’t difficult. I go day to day always feeling like I am forgetting something. I find that more and more I am hanging out and talking with moms that are my younger sons friends moms, so I am out of the loop with a lot of the junior high/high school stuff. At any rate, we now have the information and Andrew is now adding another activity to his busy summer schedule.

I also had to watch my niece for a little bit this afternoon because my dad had to work. I love when she is in town, but unfortunately the two weeks she is in town for June my kids are still in school. I plan on letting Karli play hooky one day next week since it is the last week of school anyways…so they can have a fun day together without the boys around. I am sure Karli will go to school the next day and tell her teacher why she skipped. She did that when I let her skip so she could go to the movies with Ken and Andrew and I. Really it was because the movie started at 12:30 and I didn’t have anyone to take her to school. LOL! She went to school the following Monday and here I wrote a note that said Karli didn’t feel good and when her teacher asked her where she was she said …at the movies! NICE!

Today’s video is a combo of Monday and Tuesday. I have some hilarious video of Karli for tomorrow! If you have a YouTube account, be sure to subscribe to our channel. I know I said I would write about one of the personal reasons why I am posting videos, but I will get to that later this week I promise. No time tonight! I have to get Karli up early tomorrow morning with the boys because she has a field trip in the morning so she will be attending school all day. She was sort of confused and thought she was going to First Grade tomorrow! Crazy girl!

I should have recorded Chase this morning and forgot. Hey! I am new to this vlogging stuff. He woke up and checked under his pillow and found that the tooth fairy did NOT come. I reminded him that I said that the tooth fairy wouldn’t come if he didn’t believe, but actually it was because I TOTALLY FORGOT. BIG FAIL!!!

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  • Reply Michele June 2, 2010 at 5:56 pm

    “Bills? They don’t count!” LMAO What a cutie he is! I’m loving all these videos you’ve been posting! I got a flip camera for Christmas, but haven’t really used it much yet. My kids are too big to be cute anymore LOL

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