Memorial Weekend

The weekend started with lots of yard work on Saturday. Ken has been driving me nuts about pulling weeds and cleaning up some of the landscaping in our yard. I tried to remind him that it is suppose to be- I do all the work in the inside and he does the outside, but that only seems to matter when it benefits him. While we were working Don and Emma came over and the kids hung out rest of the day. Karli and Emma had to keep it cool though because Emma pulled a muscle and wasn’t able to do anything major.

Sunday we chilled the first part of the day. I did a little big of housework and caught up on a couple of shows that I DVR’d. We had some family and friends over for a cookout later in the afternoon. The kids had tons of fun. Unfortunately Andrew wasn’t here since he had a baseball tournament in Cincinnati all weekend. (We opted not to go since he was with his dad this weekend.) There were boys his age here as well, that’s why I said he would have had fun.

The past few days I was doing some exploring on YouTube on my super spectacular iPad and found some funny vlogs. I thought it would be fun to record some of the craziness that goes on around our house. Every day my kids provide ample enough entertainment. Now the key is getting some of it on video, which right now I am finding they clam up once they see me with the camera. Not only that I am recording with a little Canon camera, rather than my actual camcorder just because it is smaller and it is a bit easier to transfer the video. I’ve decided that my next electronics purchase will be a Flip camera. They are not that expensive and the video quality is awesome, especially the HD one. Let’s see how much money I make at the garage sale this upcoming weekend…maybe I will have one sooner than I think. (I’m thinking my birthday in September right now.) When I told my mom what I wanted to buy she rolled her eyes at me wanting another type of electronic equipment. I can’t help it, some girls are addicted to shoes or jewelry…me I am an technology geek.

Here is my first official OUR FAMILY NEST VLOG…woo hoo!
It’s kinda lame, and I have a lot to work on, including learning to record myself as I am holding the camera. Which also brings me to another reason I want to record videos. Let talk about that in tomorrows blog. Time to watch The Bachelorette and try to get to bed at a decent time tonight. Ken let me sleep until a time that I am even too embarrassed to admit. It was super late!

Hope you all had a nice holiday weekend. Two more weeks of school left to go for us. How about you?

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    We had an ok weekend – our circumstances are upside down right now, but we BBQ’d with friends last night and that was very enjoyable.

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