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Relaxing Spring Break & Easter pictures

Easter Morning Mass
View our entire Easter set of photos at Flickr -here.

Spring Break is coming to an end. It has been a pretty nice week. I haven’t worked but a total of maybe 1 hour the entire week. I didn’t even attempt it and boy am I going to pay for it next week. I think the last time I logged into our database I am 240-some activities (calls & emails) behind. Ugh. Oh well, the work will all be there on Monday.

The weather was crappy all week up until Thursday. Of course now it is beautiful and we have two days of break left. We still kept pretty busy all week, doing little things.

Monday we took the kids to see Monsters vs. Aliens in 3D at the Imax theater in Ann Arbor. We then of course had to go to our favorite restaurant for dinner at BD’s Mongolian Barbecue. I thought the movie was pretty good and the kids really liked it.

Tuesday, we hung out at home and the kids played their new DS games they got from the Easter Bunny and I did some catching up on cleaning and laundry. I felt like a stay at home mom again – boy, that was strange! It’s hard to believe it’s been 2 years since I started working in the home. I started to wonder how in the world I manage to get all this work done each week on top of working for our business. Yes I am patting myself on the back! All 3 boys got haircuts finally. They all like growing their hair out during the winter and I was beginning to hate their hair. I am so glad they like to keep it shorter for baseball season. Tuesday afternoon, Blake and Andrew both left to stay the night at their friends houses. We thought about getting a sitter for Chase and Karli so we could go do something, but ended up just enjoying a quieter evening with the two of them. It’s hilarious listening to Chase and Karli together, we think they sound like an old married couple!

Wednesday was more hanging out at home. Andrew had a dentist appointment and we did some running around that day. Andrew rented Resident Evil (is it 5, is that the new one?) and played it like crazy from Wednesday night on. This morning he actually finished the entire game. Glad I didn’t waste $60 on that one!

Thursday we were finally able to go outside and get some fresh air and let the kids burn off some of their energy. Also that evening after dinner all 3 boys had baseball practice. I also had to make Andrew do his homework. Yes, his teachers gave homework over Spring Break… I told you they are all jerks.

Friday (today) was the first day I actually had to set my alarm. We had to be at the dentist at 10am for two tiny fillings that Andrew needed. All week we had been staying up late and everyone had been sleeping until around 10am. Isn’t that crazy…but lovely!? We played outside a bit and then after dinner Blake and Chase had their first baseball scrimmage. I feel so relaxed and stress free right this minute. I am so thankful for this week. Sure we didn’t get the Mexican vacation that we were suppose to take, but I did get tons of R & R. I read a couple of books, watched a few movies, and did lots of goofing around with the kids. Oh…can’t forget my lonely computer! Pretty much the only things I have been doing online are playing Euchre on Pogo or stalking these websites – site 1 & site 2 – that give tons of gossip and updates on second Twilight movie due out in November – New Moon. I am a dork I know! A relaxed and happy dork at least. Money coming for the two jobs we closed coming in the next couple of weeks. Hallelujah!

Almost forgot…my kitchen sink is fixed and with new water line the water pressure is amazing! I don’t ever remember it being that strong when we first built this house. There was so much sediment build up in the old hose.

Spring has sprung and it’s going to be a much better season than winter for our family. I just feel it!

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