The kids and I made the dreaded trip to Wallymart and Target today for school supplies. Everything was already all unorganized and over picked at the stores. I hate when that happens. I don’t think anyone is even back to school yet here in Michigan…why the stores are already a mess I don’t know. I guess everyone wants to get there shopping done early. We only went this week because Andrew will be gone to his dad’s house all next week and I didn’t want to wait until the week before school starts. Our kids don’t go back until September 2, cool I know :p

Blake and Andrew have been whining about how sore they are from football. This week is basically all conditioning and it is really hard on them I know. But the whining, oh my! All through the stores it was nonstop. Blake at 8 years old wanted to ride in the cart! I can’t wait until this week is over.

We haven’t been in our pool since getting home from vacation. That’s how busy we have been, which is just silly. I have no idea what we are doing. Besides sleeping until 10am every day. LOL! We are still on vacation sleeping patterns. I went to bed about 1:30am last night.

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