#365dog – Week 3

In case you haven’t noticed I am now going to share my #365dog photos and posts once a week instead of every day so that way I can focus on further aspects of my blog and my YouTube Channel!

Day 15
One advantage of the kids getting older…they can help one another study! I usually quiz Blake the night before any History test and I hate History more than any subject. Chase did an excellent job asking Blake all the questions even if he accidentally gave Blake the answers half the time. Oops!

Day 16
Love my Poms
Daisy and Pippa love the snow so much. They love running around the yard chasing one another. Their fur is out of control! I prefer when they have their buzz cuts that they have in the Spring and Summer, but in the winter we let their fur grow out. Pippa looks cute, but Daisy’s fur grows out all frizzy looking. She’s like the sister that got the bad frizzy hair. I love them equally though :)

Day 17
Sibling love
This photo was actually supposed to be the thumbnail for a video that the kids made. It was this comedy/fashion show thing. Unfortunately we recorded the video at night and the lighting was terrible and they video clips were unsatisfactory. Maybe we will try to redo a similar video in the daylight someday. At any rate, we had fun recording it and the kids were laughing so hard it was all worth it.

Day 18
first place chase
Chase won first place at his wrestling tournament. But guess what – he didn’t have to wrestle anyone to get the medal! There was only one other kid his weight/age category but he was sick so Chase won by default. I’m sure this is going to happen quite often considering Chase is 11 and only weighs 57 – 60 pounds. I plan on picking up stuff to start making him some peanut butter milkshakes again. We need to beef this kid up!

Day 19
We gave 3 of the dogs baths with a LUSH bath bomb. If you don’t know what these are you are missing out big time. The bath bombs make your skin smell so wonderful! I wish I could take a Lush bath every day, but they aren’t cheap! Our smelly dogs got a pretty pink spa day- which they hated of course! We even made a video of it. They are the sweetest dogs ever though, you can tell how precious they are, well until I got some bologna out.

Day 20
macbook air case
Love my new MacBook Air case that I got off Amazon. They have a ton of different colors too. The color I got is called Hot Blue, but it’s really more of a turquoise, sort of Tiffany Blue color. It’s a rubberized case, rather than plastic, so it’s feels really nice as well. I feel so much more comfortable carrying it around now. I did read on the reviews that people didn’t like that it was hard to take off and when you tried to take it off it often broke the tabs on the case. I’m not too concerned since I don’t know why I would be taking it off and on all the time. I Love it!

Day 21
home office
I’m pretty darn grateful on days like this (it’s freezing outside) to be working from home. I still had to leave the house a few times throughout the day, but at least I didn’t have to go outside at 7am and warm up my car and show up at a job in dress clothes that are paper thin. I’m sitting here cozy in my sweat pants and blanket. Yes, I know I still have a table as a desk. Ugh, remember this video? That was 8 months ago! I just can’t decide what I want in this room. Originally I wanted to have built in counter tops and custom shelves mounted to the walls. Then I seen a couple of setups from IKEA that I thought would do the trick. But I just don’t know! One minute I want to move, the next minute I would rather stay here and have extra money to travel, and then the next I am looking at houses in Virginia Beach. So basically I end up doing nothing. I’m pretty sure that the desks (setting up a separate area for the kids too) are not going to be permanent though. I’m just to indecisive and I would rather have the option to move things around, or to another house. Maybe.

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