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November Recap

I thought I would post some photos from November while I am putting my feet up for a bit.

We have been working super hard on remodeling our kitchen and family room. Today Ken actually printed a calendar for December and we have specific things we need to do every day to get done in time for Christmas. We can’t even put up a Christmas tree yet because we are going to paint next week. I will save all the details of our remodel for another time. I have been taking some pictures to share the progress with everyone eventually. We also just both bought new cars yesterday, which is also another whole story. It’s been crazy busy around here and I keep thinking that our neighbors (hi neighbors!) must think that we robbed a bank or have a drug lab in our basement or something.

November is always nice when all the boys sports come to an end. We enjoy having some free time in the winter months. (Except for years when we take on other projects like remodeling!) Chase also ended up finishing up the month of November of gymnastics and he won’t be going back. The teaching was going so slow and we had spent a lot of money for him to only learn a few things that he didn’t already know. On the days he had practice he would complain and one day I asked him to put his sports in order of favorites. He picked baseball first, then football, then gymnastics. You can’t really be serious about gymnastics and play other sports as well. Of course we could have probably pulled it off for a couple more years, but if he was going to drop out eventually, what would be the point? We decided that maybe in a few years he will have a better judgment of what he really wants to do and may change his mind.

Here is Blake’s football team and a pic of him from his football banquet.

Football Champs! ~ Blake's team

Blake...he worked hard in football this year

Chase and his flag football team….

Chase's flag football buddes

Chase & coach Daddy

Chase turned 7 in November also! He didn’t really want anything for his birthday. These kids are getting harder and harder to buy for! He got lots of money which will be nice for him to have some extra money for Chicago.

Happy 7th Birthday Chase!

We spent Thanksgiving at my parents house. My grandma and two aunts were there with their families as well as Don and my niece Emma. We played Pictionary after dinner which was a lot of fun.

I attempted to get pics of the kids, but of course they were acting like a bunch of monkeys!

Trying to get a family photo

Trying to get a family photo

Trying to get a family photo


Trying to get a family photo

Trying to get a family photo

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