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30 Seconds to Mars Concert

A couple of weeks ago Ken and I went to see 30 Seconds to Mars in concert at The Fillmore in Detroit.

30 Seconds to Mars

It was our first time seeing them in concert and probably our last. Don’t get me wrong, the concert was great…it’s just not our typical concert atmosphere. Most recently we have seen Lady Gaga and Coldplay in concert and those were awesome “performances”. 30 Seconds to Mars is definitely more of a rock band and their concerts are exactly that—a band rocking out while the crowd goes wild. There was tons of body surfing, jumping up and down, mosh pits, and just all around craziness! There were no special set changes or routines, it was just the band playing and Jared Leto singing about 70% of the time. He does a lot of letting the crowd sing for him, which is kind of a waste. I paid to hear him sing! He did talk to the crowd a lot as well, which was entertaining at least. All I can say is thank goodness we got balcony seats because I could not have handled the floor in front of the stage. There were no assigned seats and we got there early enough that we were in second row in the balcony. Perfect for us!

Here you can see how far we were from the stage and how many people were smashed together on the floor. The Fillmore isn’t really big, as you can tell.

30 Seconds to Mars

It was sports night so all of the band had different Detroit sports teams jerseys on. Jared had this darn hat on most of the time which drove me crazy…I wanted to see his face!

30 Seconds to Mars

I found this picture that someone took and posted on a 30 Seconds to Mars Facebook page. (I would link the photographer but there was no link- it just said “by Kristen”) What an incredible photo! Turns out there are several great pictures from the Detroit concert on Facebook…check them out here to see the whole set.

I took a few videos to share with Andrew and those turned out pretty good, however I’m not going to bother uploading because I found this webpage that has tons of great photos, the playlist, and videos of many of their songs. Check it out here.

My favorite songs – From Yesterday and Hurricane- he sang acoustic which was cool, but not what I expected. My other favorite song- The Kill, the band played, but he had the crowd sing a lot once again. Here is a video of The Kill…

The funniest part by far was watching Ken totally freak out every time everyone would start jumping up and down, which was quite often. The balcony was moving up and down a lot and I swear if you thought about it too much you really would freak yourself out. It did seem like it was going to come crashing down any minute! I’m glad we went…it certainly was an experience I won’t forget!

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