My daughter has been cracking me up lately. She keeps saying the craziest stuff and I really am beginning to wonder where she gets these thoughts from. She has been trying to grow out her bangs and she is starting to look so much older to me! Notice she is choosing not to smile…because she is the boss applesauce! (She just got out of the tub!)

Growing out her bangs

Last week we went to the mall and mind you, she talks non-stop and I really don’t even have to answer…she just keeps talking and talking away. While we were enjoying our favorite mall treat – Chick-fil-A, she asked me if China was on Earth? When I told her of course, where else would it be! She replied, well why do Chinese people look so different if they are from Earth? Maybe she’ll actually enjoy Social Studies and learn something, unlike me!

Then as I was driving she asked me how hard it is to drive. I said not that hard once you learn, but mostly you have to pay close attention all the time. She said- It’s a good thing there are so many street lights so you can rest your arms all the time! When I told her that wasn’t what street lights were for she pretty much told me I was wrong.

The other day Karli came running up to me and said, “Pleeeeaaasseeee tell Chase to quit looking at his brains!!!” I couldn’t figure out what she was talking about until she had Chase come show me. She was nearly in tears saying if he keeps looking up at his brains his eyes are going to get stuck up there!!!

Looking at his brains!

Karli and Chase are only 15 months apart and they bicker all the time. It’s sort of a joke around our house that they are going to grow up and get married because they fight just like husband and wife!

Day of many baseball games

I am trying to enjoy all these comical moments in my life…they are growing up too fast!

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