Our little songwriter

Out of nowhere Karli started writing her own song lyrics. She takes them up to her room and practices singing them while she plays her guitar. She sounds so cute and doesn’t really play any real notes, but it’s adorable all the same!!


I’ll translate for you:
Cus I love your
Cus I love
Cus I love you so much that you don’t even care
I left a treat for you
This is why I like you
Cus you are nice
And I love you
Love me too
all the people love each other cus we are family


Cus when I step to the door I scream
Cus he steps to much to the door
I like the way you scream
Everyone listen now
Cus you smile
I smile to you

(laptop still getting repaired and I feel all unorganized without it…that’s why I haven’t been posting much!)

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