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My week so far

Darn, I broke my routine of posting every day so far this year. Some days I was even posting twice. See I have a little secret, I don’t always publish my posts when I write them. I’ll write several posts at one time and them publish them so they post at different times. Trust me, most bloggers do this. Not that anyone noticed, but most of my posts publish first thing in the morning and I can tell you for sure that I don’t write in the morning. My writing would be full of gibberish if that was the case. My best writing is done at night, which is usually the reason why I have been staying up way too late. I’ve been enjoying making videos and editing them for you all. A couple of people asked me what I use to record and edit my videos. I use a Flip camera to record and I use iMovie on our Mac desktop to edit. I was thinking about maybe purchasing Final Cut Pro, but I think it might be a little overkill for the kind of movies I am uploading right now. Maybe someday down the road.

So why haven’t I been posting this week you ask? I have been a very busy worker bee! Every so often I go through these spurts where I just can’t stop working. Actually I think I do my best work when I feel overwhelmed and have tons to do. I also have been slowly working on figuring out our 4th quarter taxes. I’m always trying to get as close as I can to our true amount of tax owed so I don’t send in too much just to turn around and get it back. Not to mention that I have been trying to keep focused on work so I don’t eat as much throughout the day. I haven’t had any Mountain Dew this week and it’s been killing me! I feel so tired and drained and honestly- grumpy. I am going through major withdrawals and my headaches have been fierce. I have replaced Mountain Dew with Crystal Light Raspberry Lemonade. It’s pretty yummy, but doesn’t give me the caffeine my body craves unfortunately. That is the whole point though, to get off the caffeine and sugar.

Delicious Crystal Light

I also love these Skinny Cow Dreamy Clusters. I love pretty much any kind of chocolate that has caramel and these are so tasty. The package only contains 5 to 6 clusters, but for 120 calories, they are the perfect snack when you are craving chocolate.

Yummy Low Cal snack

I haven’t lost as much weight this week as I thought I would, then again I haven’t exercised either. See, this is the vicious cycle I create. My way of dieting is just not eating much and then I am tired and can’t push myself to exercise. I know, go ahead and tell me how if I would start exercising in the morning I would have more energy throughout the day. Oh and how I can’t lose weight by not eating anything at all. I know all these things, yet I am just not doing things right yet. I’m not too thrilled about our first official weigh in tomorrow, but I am not giving up. I need to create a better routine and stick with it. Just not there yet. I really want to do the Couch to 5K Running Program (again). I’ve never completed it, but I WILL this time!! So who wants to go for a 3 mile run with me on March 25th?? That is when my 9 weeks will end. Hold me to this okay guys.

Ken went to the grocery store the other day because I just can’t wrap my head around what type of foods I want to eat. Nothing sounds good. We told the kids to write down what they wanted because they always complain we have no food in the house. Here was Karli’s list.

Karli's grocery list
Looks like I have a little snacker on my hands! Good thing she is a total bean pole!

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  • Reply Tara January 13, 2012 at 10:05 am

    Do the couch to 5k plan! That was how I was able to get back to running after I had Grant. I am still not at my prebaby weight, but it takes time, and I promised not to get frustrated with myself! If you find a 5k race somewhere locally, I would totally do it with you! The races can seem intimidating at first, but once you start doing a couple they become totally addicting, especially if you are competitive with yourself. :)

    • Reply Candi January 13, 2012 at 12:19 pm

      I couldn’t help but laugh out loud to Ken when I read what you wrote! I know I wrote that I would be running 3 miles in March, but just the thought of it cracks me up. Like ME A RUNNER??? Sounds insane. But I really really really want to do this so who knows maybe I can make it happen. I would love to run a race with you someday, we will have to check into it! And P.S. you look amazing already!!! {jealous}

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