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Daisy & Pippa - 6 weeks

I thought I would share the story of how we became parents to our new Pomeranian puppies. First off, I know you are all thinking, what is wrong with these people!! They already have 2 dogs and 4 kids who keep them extremely busy…what are they thinking? Well, for one, we love dogs. That’s pretty obvious. We had a Pomeranian for almost 14 years and had to have her put to sleep several months ago. Secondly, we are blessed with being able to work from home so in reality we are the best type of people to have puppies/dogs. We are home with our pets more than most people who have dogs and have to leave for work all the time. Yet that doesn’t mean that we went out and bought 2 dogs on purpose. Here is what happened…

Over the past month I became pretty obsessed with trying to find an all white Pomeranian. Ken kept saying that he didn’t want to get another Pom because no one could replace Pooh. The more and more I kept looking at pictures of these stinkin cute puppies, the more I wanted one.

Karli begging for a new puppy!
Karli begging for a new puppy!

About a week ago I found an ad for a really cute white puppy from a local shelter. It was a mix of a Yorkie and a Shih tzu. Not exactly the type of dog I was looking for, but mutts make such great pets and I thought it would be nice to adopt a homeless puppy rather than buy from a breeder. Unfortunately we waited to long to make up our minds and someone else adopted her. Then Ken and I had a conversation about how busy we are going to be soon with all 3 boys playing football and Karli cheering and her dance classes, etc. I started to feel overwhelmed and I agreed it probably wasn’t the best idea.

That didn’t stop me from still checking the several websites that I was stalking every night while laying in bed with my iPad. I just couldn’t stop looking because what if I found the exact puppy I was looking for…then it was meant to be, right? Last Thursday night I found the ad for our puppies. They were located in Battle Creek, just under a couple of hours from us. Well less if driving the Camaro, LOL. When Ken came to bed I showed him the photo of all 4 puppies that the breeder had posted. Of course he thought they were super cute and I took that as a sign that I should probably contact the breeder and see if they had any puppies left.

Karli and I out shopping
Mommy Daughter shopping day!

The next day when Karli and I were out shopping for her birthday party supplies the breeder called me. He told me they had all 4 puppies left; 3 females and 1 male and that they were 6 weeks old and would be ready to find homes on August 10th. When I got home I filled Ken in and he actually went along with it and was ready to pick out a puppy. Although he said we should drive to Battle Creek and pick out our puppy, rather than my idea of trying to reserve one based off of photos and the breeders description of the puppies.

Several hours later we were at their home, sitting on their floor, playing with the puppies. There was 1 female, the runt, that I originally thought I would want because she was the smallest. But she was so shy and timid and wouldn’t look at you in the face. My Yorkie already has a similar personality and we didn’t think she would be the best fit considering we have other dogs. The other 2 females were so playful and adorably cute. We finally picked which one we wanted, paid a deposit, signed an agreement, made arrangements to get our puppy in 2 weeks and were on our way. We had planned to stop at FireKeepers Casino since we were right there and had never been there before.

Our puppies parents
Daisy & Pippa's parents

The entire way there I kept asking Ken if we picked out the best puppy. The two females that we liked were so hard to tell apart. One of them gave lots of kisses and the other one was just as playful, but a bit more ornery than the other. She kept tackling the other puppies and you could just tell she was real spunky. Ken wanted the more loving puppy, but I wasn’t 100% confident that we picked the right one. Finally Ken said something how we should have just gotten them both. Next thing you know we are pulling in the casino and I suggested that we take the cash that we were going to waste at the casino and buy the second puppy instead. I also thought that we might be able to take the puppies home that night if we bought two of them since the most important part of the puppies growth during the 6 – 8 week mark has to do with socialization with its siblings. The puppies had already been weaned from their mother and she was already at the point where she wanted nothing to do with them. We called up the breeders and told them we would take the two females if we could take them home that night.

They are getting tons and tons and tons of attention!
Daisy & Pippa - 6 weeks

Daisy & Pippa - 6 weeks

Daisy & Pippa - 6 weeks

It took some convincing, but the breeders finally accepted our offer and we came back and paid for both puppies! Ken had stopped at a gas station to buy a blanket for the puppies to lay on in my lap for the ride home. I was cracking up because he came out with two fleece blankets that we large enough to cover an adult. LOL! I told him I am so lucky to have married a guy that crazy enough to go along with my insane ideas…like driving out of town to buy a puppy and end up coming home with two!

They absolutely love to play in the grass.
Daisy & Pippa - 6 weeks

Daisy & Pippa - 6 weeks

Pippa and Daisy are the sweetest things ever. They are actually both very playful and we realized that the puppy that we originally bought was the instigator! Good thing we ended up with two of them or she would have been tormenting the crap out of our dogs. Today I watched Pippa drag Daisy across the floor by her tail. We took them to the Vet today and Pippa is 2.4 pounds and Daisy is 1.6 pounds. Funny thing is Daisy looks bigger because her fur is a bit more fluffy than Pippa. The only way we can really tell them apart is Daisy is a shade more white than Pippa and the paw pads on the bottom of their back paws are different. Pippa’s are a mixture of pink and black, where as Daisy’s are all pink with only one black pad.

Daisy & Pippa - 6 weeks

Daisy & Pippa - 6 weeks

I love them dearly, but boy oh boy…it’s like having a baby all over again. We always said we wanted twins! They are waking me up at 3am-ish and then again at 7am. This summer I have been enjoying sleeping in a bit, but not anymore. Today Tori finally started playing with them a bit. So far Shaggy just barks at them whenever they start playing. We keep saying it’s like he is the grumpy old grandpa dog now. Now that we have 4 kids and 4 dogs…I think our family is officially complete.

Daisy & Pippa - 6 weeks

Daisy & Pippa - 6 weeks

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  • Reply Johnna Marie Brooks October 29, 2017 at 9:05 pm

    I love daisy and pippa new haircut

  • Reply smizzo August 9, 2011 at 9:30 pm

    I love you guys, I swear. Except for getting two at the same time, I could have very well written this post. Our dogs our like our children, and they make our house a HOME. I know you feel the same way.

    OMG, could those little cotton balls be any cuter?! They look fake, LOL. Where are they sleeping? How are you potty training them? What does your Yorkie think of her new siblings?

    I am so happy for you guys! :)

  • Reply Wendy August 5, 2011 at 4:29 pm

    Well I can’t judge…with 7 kids, 2 schnauzers, 1 cat we ended up with another puppy too, who is already enormous. Your puppies are soooo adorable. I’d suggest getting them different colour collars to tell them apart easier lol. Our schnauzers are sisters too…same parents, but different litters. They’re a year apart, but BEST of friends. It’s taken a few grumbles and growls but all three dogs are figuring out their pecking order and getting along quite well. The smallest one (Bella..also the oldest) is the boss. The cat ignores the whole lot of them lol.

  • Reply karen August 3, 2011 at 6:08 pm

    I love them. They are very cute.Don’t worry,my dad went out of town to buy his 2nd Boston terrier as a gift for his wife. Not such a crazy Idea,my sis in law also got her two cats off of Craig’s list. Ha! Her new one is adorable,he too is fluffy and white! His name is Francis. Too cute! Have fun with the new additions.p .s. Francis has a meow that sound like a balloon deflating.But,he’s learning.

  • Reply Jules August 3, 2011 at 12:25 pm

    They are so cute! And I love the names. You and Ken are crazy – lol.

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