#365dog – Week 41

Day 282
I check on this darn thing every couple of hours because I’m so afraid it’s gonna die! You hear of people bringing hamsters home and them dying. I would hate to have to tell Karli. I keep reminding her that it will only live a couple of years! It’s so stinking cute!

Day 283
Date Day with hubby! Finally seen Gone Girl and it was really good. And Ben Affleck was perfect and HOT! (He’s been my crush forever!!)

Day 284
Had so much fun last night…always a good time when Emma is in town!

Day 285
Pipsqueak’s home is all finished!

Day 286
Good morning! The girls are busy wrestling already.

Day 287
Ken makes me work so hard my wrist is killing me. (joke) Carpal tunnel I’m sure. Trying out a $25 wrist support from Walgreens.

Day 288
Confession: I’m 42 years old and I love watching Nick Carters show on VH1. His fianc√© is gorgeous! Cute show!

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