Yesterday’s Funnies

I washed the kids bed sheets today and Karli and Chase were running up and down the hallway upstairs, “Our beds are naked, hurry get them some covers before someone sees!”

The boys had just got out of the shower and Blake stopped right in the middle of grabbing his pj’s out of his drawer to announce, “Quiet, I have to fart” Afterwards, Chase was laughing and saying, “It sounded just opening a can of pop!” I’m raising real gentlemen over here I believe.

Ken went to the grocery store and he promised to bring the kids home a treat. Chase seen a package of licorice, that was really for me, and he starting yelling, “Daddy got me liquid for my treat, I don’t like liquid”!!!

I was trying to read with Blake and Andrew kept interrupting. I told him to be quiet or leave the room. He replied, “I am just here for oral support”. I asked, “You mean moral support?” He said, “No, ORAL, the kind of support where you talk.” Smart alack!

Andrew still keeps bugging us for a cell phone. He is in the 6th grade, what does he need a cell phone for? I was telling him that maybe when my dear husband buys me a new cell phone then he can have mine. He was like, no way, since my phone is pink :p Blake all of a sudden pipes in and says, “what do you need a sidekick for Andrew?” Andrew starts laughing and asks, “do you even know what a sidekick is?” Blake responds, “yea, it’s the little guy that helps out the big guy when he is in trouble!”

And this was just ONE DAY people! My life would be quite boring or at least less comical with my kids.

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