Who’s on first?

As I was cleaning up some emails I found these photos from Chase’s baseball game and I just had to share.


There is my little man, the crazy one in the bottom left corner. The kid certainly has a personality all his own. Then there is Ken up there checking out his own muscles and my dad is to the right of Ken with the huge smile, just having a blast.

Chase’s team almost went to the championship game this year, but unfortunately they lost in the playoffs. There was this big dispute over unfair game play that really just made me roll my eyes and once again think how this small community we live in is so full of politics it’s insane. Long story short, the opposing team had a player that played on a different travel baseball team so he missed 14 out of the 16 season games that were played. Then the kid shows up for the playoff game and scores 4 of the 7 points that the team had as well as being the closing pitcher. It was just a sad situation and the parents on the sidelines were going crazy talking about it. Ken knew it was wrong, but when you have a game to play there isn’t much you can do. They played the game as usual and then Ken filed a dispute with the league afterward. The board voted and the game score stood as is – we lost 6 to 7.

It came down to there really is no official rule that says a kid is disqualified if he misses most of the games. Of course the coach wasn’t going to kick him off the team for never showing up (like he should have) because he was the best player he had. At the end of the day though, Ken said our team did make a few mistakes and we weren’t hitting well most of the game, so it is what it is. It was just sad that Chase’s team did so well- they went 14-2 for the season, and our chance to play in the championship game may have been prevented due to another team basically cheating.

Chase's baseball team, the Mud Hens

Chase and Blake are both finished with baseball for the season, but Andrew still has almost another month to go. There for awhile I was at baseball games every single day of the week. Of course last night I decided to miss Andrew’s game because I wasn’t feeling very well and Andrew got a home run. Figures!!

(both photos courtesy of Crystal Jozsa Photography)

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