What’s Right?

Andrew came home from school the other day and said that some of his friends already know what group of teachers they have next year. For 7th and 8th grade the students are put into pods and they travel to their 4 core classes with the same group of kids. The teachers for the core classes are already put into 4 groups of 4 teachers. I did some investigating and found out that you can request a meeting with the junior high principal to discuss your child’s needs to help determine what group of teachers would be best for your child. To me this says that the school is willing to work with you if your child struggles in certain areas. I don’t interpret it as a free for all for parents to go in and weasle their child into a certain group of teachers just to avoid the more difficult ones.

There is a social studies teacher who rarely gives out an A. She tells the kids right off the bat that she is the hardest teacher in the junior high. I think she gets some sort of joy out of her reputation. I understand why parents would want to try to avoid the possibility of their child getting this teacher, but is that really the best thing to do for your child?

As adults we aren’t able to control every aspect of our lives. One might have a boss they don’t like or a neighbor they can’t stand. I know I get put in situations all the time that I wish I could avoid. That’s life. At what point do you allow your children to receive a taste of real life? Do you protect and control what happens in their lives for as long as you can?

With that said, what is the right thing to do here? I’m leaning more towards letting things fall where they may. If he gets the difficult teacher, then he will have to try his hardest and possibly get his first B. But then the caring, protective mother in me chimes in and says that I should take advantage of the school’s generosity and do what I can to assure Andrew doesn’t get Ms. Meaniepants.

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