What’s grosser than gross?

I downloaded this book for my Kindle the other day called Serial by Jack Kilborn and Blake Crouch. It is the most disgusting book I have ever read. It is about hitchhikers and in one chapter the hitchhiker is crazy and the other chapter the driver that is picking up the hitchhiker is crazy. Then in the last Chapter (it’s really short, just a few chapters), the two characters meet. The first chapter was the best, or should I say most disgusting. I was sitting in the car waiting for Andrew’s baseball game to start and I started to feel sick, it was that bad. If you like descriptive gore, check it out on Amazon. I think there are some sites where you can download it and read it online too. It only takes about an hour to read.

The download includes the first chapters of new books that each of the authors have out. Afraid by Jack Kilborn sounds really good. In the first chapter it is late at night and this woman is alone and a stranger comes into her house and makes microwave popcorn. He then comes into her room, in complete darkness, and starts taunting her by throwing popcorn at her. What a wacko!

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