What’s for dinner?

Let’s talk about my plan to save on groceries these last two weeks. As you may have read I spent $225 on groceries for two weeks worth of dinners on my first try. We ended up not making two of the dinners which I have added to this menu again. I am sure this will happen every once in awhile, no biggie, I will just add it to the next menu. We ended up eating pizza last Tuesday after Karli’s dance class because they have BOGO every Tuesday which we have since decided that until football is over for the boys I will probably pick up pizza every Tuesday. It’s only $12 for two large pizzas, so it’s a cheap dinner and I would rather have pizza on that day rather than a Friday or weekend when I actually have more time to cook.

I did make a trip to the grocery store a few days ago to pick up milk, bread, and a few snacks and I spent $45. In a way that messes with my whole plan to save money, but after two weeks it is still less than what I have been spending. As I said before I was spending about $250 a week if not more if you include eating out. We didn’t eat any McDonalds for two weeks so that was great!

Today I will be getting all the food items for the menu below as well as some school lunch foods and snacks for Chase and Karli. As you can see I like to try some simple dinners and then I add a few new recipes that I would like to try. Also, I think I am going to try shopping at Meijer for once. So many people say they save a lot of money at Meijer and Walmart. I have shopped at Walmart before and usually save quite a bit, so I thought I would give Meijer a try and see how it goes. Unfortunately neither of these stores are that close to me, but since I only have to go every other week it’s not so bad. What grocery store do you seem to spend the least at?

I certainly see a pattern of A LOT of starch in the food we eat. I know I should be substituting a lot of the potatoes with either salad or some other vegetable, but it’s hard because my kids are such picky eaters. There are not very many vegetables that all the kids will eat. They do like salad but I don’t want to have salad every day especially when I try to eat it for lunch when the kids are in school. Not to mention that the cheapest dinners do happen to have a lot of starch in them if you think about it – casseroles, pastas, etc are pretty cheap things to make. Oh well, I’m doing my best!

Menu for Sept 3rd - Sept 16th

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