Warheads Challenge

Chase had seen a video where people were attempting to eat 100 or more warheads and their tongues start bleeding and all this gross stuff. You can go ahead and look those up yourself, you’ve been warned. He said he wanted me to buy some of these so he could see just how sour they were. The true warheads challenge is where you try to eat 150 extreme sour warheads in under 10 minutes. There is no way I was going to let the kids attempt that, but I promised to buy some and let them attempt our own version of the warheads challenge. Let’s call it Kid Edition WarHeads Challenge shall we? We started with 2 bags of warheads, but Andrew found the stash and ate some of them. So we ended up with 22 warheads and 2 kids wanting to participate – Chase and Karli. Of course. The winner would be whoever can hold all 11 in their mouths the longest…

If you are really intrigued…there are all sorts of eating challenges that people are attempting. Crazy fools.

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