Vlog fail

I ended up not getting a video up yesterday…FAIL! Oh well, I am not going to lose sleep over it. There is a lot going on here lately, stuff with our business, that is taking up all of my brain functions. (I’ll write about eventually – just not in the mood right now.) Whenever something major is going on I can’t seem to concentrate on anything else. Also, with the kids activities (football and cheerleading) and school about to start soon – I don’t really think we can provide daily video footage anyways. My kids can be cute and entertaining, but probably not every day. So I am going to still vlog, but not with the promise of posting something every day. Especially since most days feel like the Groundhog’s Day movie. I also have some older videos that I want to post too. Ones that Andrew will probably kill me when he sees, but oh well.

I signed Karli up for dance classes yesterday. She is going to be taking jazz and hip hop. I am super thrilled that she is going to be dancing! I decided to go with the more modern dance studio in our town rather than the old school style. It will be the difference between Karli dancing to something like California Gurls vs. Over the Rainbow. Not that I want her to be out there gyrating as some call it, but I am all for her shaking her bum if she is good at it, which if you watch this video – she loves to do apparently.

Well time for me to go pick Andrew up from football practice. A couple of hours ago a bunch of sirens went by towards the high school so silly me hopped in my car and went down to the school to see if it stopped there. I’ve always been nervous about my boys getting hurt at football, but this year I seem to be really worried about Andrew. I suppose the day the boy at his practice collapsed from a heart problem didn’t help. Anyways, the rescue squads weren’t at the school- all 3 teams were fine so I came home. Andrew seen me though, so I can’t wait to hear him laugh at me when I tell him what I did.

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  • Reply Friglet August 14, 2010 at 3:54 pm

    I hate when I see the sirens heading to the school during football. It seems like someone is always getting hurt.

    How funny that you were spotted. My boys would give me so much grief. ;)

  • Reply smizzo August 12, 2010 at 11:19 am

    The football thing is definitely scary. Especially when they have to practice/play in the extreme heat. Here, in So Cal, we have had a few kids drop on the field from heart troubles. Sorry..I shouldn’t be adding to your worry.

    I, for one, think your kids could totally be cute and entertaining every day. :)

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