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Video #5 of Can Fat People do the Insanity Workout – Final Thoughts

Some sort of miracle occurred and I was able to get the iMac running long enough this morning to save the videos files I had made. I thought I had saved the actual iMovie file and I had borrowed my neighbors MacBook to try and extract the video, but I didn’t save it correctly. My only option was to use Windows Movie Maker, which OMG- come on Windows, you can do better than this. It’s time to change this software up a bit, don’t you think? You can’t do any type of fancy picture-in-picture or edit the voiceovers or anything extra. At least I am able to share my latest video. Just ignore that it looks like the coloring is from the 1970’s. Pretend it’s just the retro version or something.

So yea, here are all mclosing remarks on the series – Can Fat People do the Insanity Workout? It’s the end of the series, at least for now, I may try to start it back up again in a month or so. First I plan on getting on the treadmill and elliptical and build some endurance back up again. Starting over stinks, but I’m not getting any results by doing nothing that is for sure.

I have created 4 more videos in this series-
See all of the videos in the playlist here at YouTube. Thanks for watching :)
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Daily Nuggets

–> Dropped off the iMac at the shop, only $75 for them to install the hard drive + the cost of the hard drive. Totally worth it.

–> The first DLC maps come out for Black Ops II on January 29th! Woo hoo! Even though I hardly every play and still don’t know my way around the current maps. Maybe I should make some gaming videos on how NOT to play, because I’m not that great. My KD is like .60 or something like that.

–> FYI – I write all of my blog posts and such very late at night and set them up to post in the morning and then I share on Facebook whenever I get around to it during the day. I DO WORK during the day despite what some may think!

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  • Reply Nicole January 18, 2013 at 11:47 am

    Hello! I was on you tube searching for the workout schedule for the Insanity program, (I misplaced mine), and I came across your video. I believe it is video #3, where you are talking about what dvd to do on what day. I have had no luck with finding a schedule on you tube, except for your video. So…. I was wondering, if you would be so kind, if you could e-mail me the schedule??? I would GREATLY appreciate it!! :)


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