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Video #4 of Can Fat People do the Insanity Workout Series – Restarting Month Two

After a mini break from doing Insanity I have restarted Month Two of the program. It could have been worse, I could have given up completely, but I didn’t! I’m back on track and I’m working hard at doing my workout every day again. It hasn’t been easy with the kids all busy with evening activities. I used to work until like 4 and then do my workout. But now I have to be showered and ready to go to cheer or football by like 5 most days. Twelve more days and the kids are back in school and it will be even easier to keep at a routine. I’m going to run 3 mornings a week when we drop Chase and Karli off at school, eat breakfast and then do Insanity probably around noon. The days I’m not running I’m doing to do Insanity first thing in the morning. Obviously I am not going to make my original goal of losing 70 pounds by my 40th Birthday which is next month beings I have only lost 25 so far this year. But honestly, it doesn’t matter to me. I am just going to keep doing what I am doing and hopefully by November I will look hot enough to wear the thong bikini I just bought for Cancun. KIDDING!!! :-)

Updated in January 2013:
Since this post I have created 4 more videos in this series-
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