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I thought the Twilight movie was amazing! I have read a lot of negative reviews and I have to say I totally disagree. I was completely sucked in by Edward’s looks. His eyes, his voice, his hair…yum. The only complaint I have about him is the lip color was a bit much. While I liked all the actors that were cast for the various roles, there were two people who I didn’t fall in love with immediately. Rosalie was a little off and I didn’t exactly care for Jacob right away. I thought the best match in terms of what I imagined from reading the book was Jessica, Bella’s friend. She was perfect, RIGHT? (LOL…you will only get that if you seen the movie!)

One thing that I didn’t notice at all was the music that was played throughout the movie. In a couple reviews they commented that the music did not match the scenes and that it was too loud in some scenes. I was so sucked in by Bella and Edward that I can not recall even one song that was played during the movie. Sort of strange since I am almost into music as much as I am movies, but I really didn’t notice any of the music except for a scene where Edward played the piano.

I wonder why the director felt so compelled to have so many close up scenes of Edward and Bella’s faces? Did anyone else catch that? Close ups are nice, but after awhile it gets to be a bit much.

Anyone else see the movie yet? What did you think?

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