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Another week gone by without recording a video. If you don’t recall, I said Wednesday’s were going to be my video recording days. My goal for this week was to record my favorite makeup products, but I have been feeling under the weather. Karli has the worst cough ever and she stayed home from school yesterday. She feels a little better today, but still has a lingering cough. As for me, well I have back pains, stiff neck, and head congestion along with one red watery eye. Not a pretty sight, thus while I am not making a video again this week. The last few times I have felt sick I’ve gotten a stiff neck, strange. Anyways, I was thinking how there are pros and cons with working for yourself when it comes to sick days. Sure it’s great that you can just stay in your jammies and take it easy when you aren’t feeling well. But if you are a workaholic like me, you don’t ever get a real sick day. I still end up working through it because time is money and well I just feel too guilty to lay in bed all day. Now I am just hoping the entire house doesn’t get sick.

Plus, I just discovered that YouTube now allows you to upload your own thumbnails. WHAT? How did I not know about this? I thought only specific YouTube partners were able to do this and then the other day I seen the option and was so excited! So of course I am trying to go back and create better looking thumbnails for my videos. See, I have no time to be sick…I 60-some thumbnails to make! Unfortunately I lost all of my videos with the iMac crash, so I have to create them by doing a screenshot of the video while it’s playing. The results isn’t the clearest, but it’s better than nothing. All my new ones will be better.

I know, it doesn’t take much to make me happy.

Hope you all are staying healthy!!

Thumbnails for YouTube!

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