The aftermath

Only a few minute to write as always. We are headed to Ken’s dad’s surprise birthday party in less than an hour and I haven’t started getting ready yet. This morning was Chase’s last flag football game (I thought last week was the last game…I was wrong!) Then I had this whole debacle with Andrew who thinks his cousin accidentally pressed the internet button on his cell phone for like 20 minutes. I called Verizon and disabled the web feature. So far I don’t see the web minutes on our account. I don’t know if he is lying and he was on the web and trying to blame his cousin or what. I told him if the minutes do pop up he is paying for it with his birthday money. It won’t be able to happen again, so not a big deal really. All morning I had a messy house to clean. Ken helped and we got thing back to normal for the most part. Why is it when you are busy like that your house falls to shambles? It was like a wind storm came through each and every room. Part of the reason was Ken bought this program where you use the projector to display a Halloween mini movie type thing on the window of your house. He had to unhook the projector from the basement and the stereo receiver, speakers, etc and bring it all up into Karli’s room. Her room was torn apart, curtains taken down, her blinds, and such so all of this could be hooked up. All of this for 1 hour of entertainment for the trick or treaters because it was even dark until 7pm. It was a big hit though, tons of people did stop to watch it. We trick or treated from 6 – 8 here… is that pretty normal for other parts of the U.S.? Andrew went with his dad for the weekend, plus he didn’t want to dress up this year anyways. Here are the kidlets dressed up. As usual I was running behind and we didn’t leave the house until a little after 6. By 7pm Karli was tired so we brought her home and the boys and I went back out to finish the other half of the neighborhood. They got so much candy I don’t know what we are going to do with it. Hide it from me, I say.



Princess Karli

Vampire Blake

Rest of the set here.

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